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studio collaboratori pareri dello studio aree di attivitą dove siamo
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VIEW net LEGAL Is a co-partnership network of Law Firms connected through video-conference.
The network aims at aggregating Law Firms from countries throughout Europe, each selected by reason of a high professional profile, areas of specialization, and location in the territory.
The network represents the most advanced and innovative form of professional organization existent today in the profession market and system.
The use and application of multi-media communication between the connected Firms allows for constant interaction.
Two or more Firms in the network can use multi-media, interactive meetings, providing consistent time-reduction through faster communication and increased accessibility to inter-individual relations, making it simpler and faster for professionals to consult with each other or with clients and advisers.
Each Firm in the network, through the established alliance, is part of a system that, while producing a significant cutback of costs, emphasizes each Firm’s autonomy and specialization distinctiveness.
Whether it be a company or an individual, the client of a single co-partner Firm has access to all the skills and expertise of every member of the network, all the while maintaining a direct and unique rapport with the Firm of reference.
The videoconferencing system – which covers voice and visual communication, and data exchange (shared documents) – allows clients to gain access, in a single setting, to extensive professional resources: a wealth of experience, wide-ranging specializations, know-how, and research tools.
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  studio legale tasca
MILANO 20129, Piazza Cinque Giornate n.3 Tel: (39) 0254100378 - 5466066
ROMA 00195, Via XX Settembre n.26 Tel: (39) 06 42016234 - 42391396

Vat number: 11157430155
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