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The Firm was founded in 1992 by Gaetano Tasca, who has, through the years, gathered a group of collaborators of high professional profile, each specialized in a different area of interest, mostly in the field of Corporate Law. Particularly, he has gathered in-depth experience in company recovery, drafting and carrying out compositions, and dealing thoroughly with bankruptcy proceedings. He has also worked with matters relating to company management, partner conflicts and disputes between partners and administration, both in partnerships as well as corporations. He has worked, and continues working, as general company, contract, and industrial law advisor, with a client list including companies quoted in the stock market.
In litigation practice the Firm is involved in areas such as contract law, tender law, civil liability, protection of intellectual property, unlawful competition, environmental protection, labour law, company law, real estate law, and so forth. The Firm’s experience with litigation extends also to arbitration, a topic on which Gaetano Tasca has written and published, constituting his major specialization, and in which he is also actively involved both as arbitrator as well as defending counsel.
The Firm’s client list consists mainly of leading companies and businesses from the industrial, real estate, and services sectors, trade-fair centres, Italian and foreign engineering companies, and companies operating in the areas of energy, biological medicine, and pharmaceutical companies.

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  studio legale tasca
MILANO 20129, Piazza Cinque Giornate n.3 Tel: (39) 0254100378 - 5466066
ROMA 00195, Via XX Settembre n.26 Tel: (39) 06 42016234 - 42391396

Vat number: 11157430155
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