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studio collaboratori pareri dello studio aree di attivitą dove siamo
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Innovation and tradition are our tools to achieve your and our objectives, your and our goals.
Our mission goes beyond providing stable support to our clients, as we strive to perfectly suit our clients’ needs and wants, assisting them with efficiency, competence, and creativity, promptly meeting each client’s specific demands and projects, in full respect of their wishes, while extending to  them our technical knowledge, experience, method, and style.
We choose to avail ourselves of state-of-the-art technology, research, and organization methods, while our ongoing commitment to self-renewal is complemented by our pledge to keep and cultivate the classical roots of juridical culture.
We wish our clients to experience, with us – whether by videoconference or in person – the welcome and reassurance of a home, where they may feel free to confidently share expectations, solutions, projects, and strategies.
We foster innovation and tradition by being part of the most advanced form of professional aggregation, VIEW net LEGAL, a network we are proud to have co-founded.

view net legal

view net legal titolo
Is a co-partnership network of Law Firms connected through video-conference.

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  studio legale tasca
MILANO 20129, Piazza Cinque Giornate n.3 Tel: (39) 0254100378 - 5466066
ROMA 00195, Via XX Settembre n.26 Tel: (39) 06 42016234 - 42391396

Vat number: 11157430155
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